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Re: Version Control and Update 5 or XE3

Re: Version Control and Update 5 or XE3


I'm not questioning the usefulness of the facility now implemented, in situations and setups used by

What I'm trying to find out is if there is any chance that the old option will be returned, as another option, alongside the current option, and when that return could happen, before or after XE3. To me it would be disgusting to find it in XE3, as the cost to me of upgrading to XE3 would far exceed the cost of XE3 itself. And you should not forget, the elimination of the old auto-increment facility was a decision taken by Embarcadero without asking its customers, or a mistake made by its development team. On that basis I think it is only right for me to expect Embarcadero to return the old functionality without additional cost to me, the user. That they feel the need to have auto-generated version numbers is clear. I have no problem with them providing that facility alongside the auto-increment option. Indeed I applaud their interest in accomodating that perceived

As an additional question: Has anyone been able to "adjust" the generated version numbers to convert them to auto-increment numbers in some automatic way, using the after-build facility, or maybe some external program run just following each build, or by some other non-manual method ?? I would be
very interested in hearing how this could be done.

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> Jim Fleming wrote:
>>   3) If either answer 1) or 2) was No, Will XE3 include the requested fix for QC-100940 ???
> This one is not going to change.  It follows the MSBuild/VS Studio way fg
> generating build numbers where the date time is what generates the number.
> Allen Bauer commented on this already publicly as to why.  The Dev team has
> already come on these forums to discuss and explain why the change was made.
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