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Re: Version Control and Update 5 or XE3 [Edit]

Re: Version Control and Update 5 or XE3 [Edit]

> {quote:title=Jim Fleming wrote:}{quote}
> That lead me to look in the dproj file, where, yes, the project version number appears, twice, and 
> could be found by searching for the string ";FileVersion=", which doesn't appear anywhere else in 
> that file.
> So, would it be the same to just modify the dproj file in my pre-build event ?? Or is that file too 
> much under the control of Delphi to permit tinkering with it in a pre-build event ???

EDIT: I see you've figured things out. I'll have to remember to check before posting replies. :-) Glad you got it sorted out, and nice of you to post code for others who want to use the same solution.

--Jim, I don't know, to be honest. I don't know what the latest point is that the IDE would look for changes it didn't make in the .dproj file and reload it, and whether that point would be before the pre-build event or not. I also don't know if it would do so without the "File whatever 's date/time stamp on disk has been modified. Reload?" (or whatever the wording is) prompt.--

--I do know, however, that changing the version resource would work in a pre-build event, because that event is called before the dependency check is made to determine which files have changed and which haven't in a normal compile cycle. The .dproj isn't one of the files that ends up in your application, so I don't know when it's modifications are checked.--

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