Re: IBX and Memo Field Question Delphi 2010

Re: IBX and Memo Field Question Delphi 2010

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> Hello,
> Maybe I make a silly question but here it is...:)
I am in the same boat. I am looking at a D5 app for a client migrating to D2010. There seem to be 2 problems. One is opening a TIBDataset returning no rows with a blob field and the one you describe below is the other.

> I am currently evaluating Delphi 2010 Trial, testing some common code I use on my applications. During the testing of some database code.. I noticed that with the version of IBX shipped with Delphi 2010 the BLOB_SUBTYPE 1 fields (Text Memo) are all mapped to a TWideMemoField. > My problem arises when I use a Database with no charset defined, all the memo fields are read as they where widestrings memos although they are ansi, so strange results appear on the DBMemos used to display de data, the rest of the data (varchars in DBEdits for example) are displayed correctly as usual.
> Is that an issue or as designed ?
AFAICS it doesn't know how to interpret the data, so you need to give the DB a connection a character set.
For your answer see:

Or double click the Database Component and select a Character Set, e.g. UTF8. Now Unicode is still a bit of a mystery to me, so which Character Set to use when your DB isn't set to have one, I don't know.

> Thank you for some answer.
> Regards,
> John.
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