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PARTNER SOLUTION: Integrating Delphi with Flex/Flash/AIR using kbmMW

Kim Madsen – Components4Developers
CodeRage 4, 10-Sep-2009

This session demonstrates how to access databases and custom services from an Adobe Flex/Flash/AIR-based application by utilizing a Delphi-based kbmMW application server. See remote ActionScript 3 based datasets, transfer of ActionScript 3 objects, and more.

PARTNER SOLUTION: Message-oriented Middleware using kbmMW

Kim Madsen – Components4Developers
CodeRage 4, 11-Sep-2009
Relevant to: Delphi

This session demonstrates the Wide Information Bus, which is a publish/subscribe-based way to share information between multiple machines world wide, in a structured way. The WIB is part of kbmMW Enterprise Edition.

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