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PARTNER SOLUTION: Integrating Delphi with Flex/Flash/AIR using kbmMW

Kim Madsen – Components4Developers
CodeRage 4, 10-Sep-2009

This session demonstrates how to access databases and custom services from an Adobe Flex/Flash/AIR-based application by utilizing a Delphi-based kbmMW application server. See remote ActionScript 3 based datasets, transfer of ActionScript 3 objects, and more.

The Value of Using DBArtisan in a DBA Team

Arturo Holloway – Embarcadero
CodeRage 4, 10-Sep-2009
Relevant to: Delphi Prism

This presentation introduces and discusses 3 general areas where DBArtisan proves beneficial in a DBA team environment along with specific examples including: access and administration across multiple DB vendor platforms with a single standard interface; accessing remote databases with DBArtisan; and, migrating objects cross-platform.

Multitier with DataSnap

Marco Cantù – Wintech Italia Srl
CodeRage 5, 05-Oct-2010

This session covers Delphi's DataSnap architecture that lets you create multi-tier applications in an easy RAD way, delivering a lot of power and flexibility for your remote zero-configuration client applications. Focus is on the recent features of this architecture, including HTTP support, callback capabilities, passing JSON data, marshaling objects, and more.

iOS DataSnap Connectivity using FireMonkey and InterBase

Anders Ohlsson – Embarcadero
CodeRage 6, 21-Oct-2011

Learn how to use the ObjectiveC mobile connector for DataSnap and get data from a DataSnap server running on a remote machine.

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