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Silverlight with Delphi Prism

Jim McKeeth – WideOrbit
CodeRage 4, 08-Sep-2009
Relevant to: Delphi Prism

Jump into Silverlight development with Delphi Prism. After getting started with Silverlight this session also looks at Moonlight (Silverlight for Linux and the Mac) and some of the things coming in Silverlight 3. Is Silverlight the future of WPF? Will all our applications be vector-based?

WCF with Delphi Prism and Win32

Luis Alfonso Rey – Danysoft
CodeRage 4, 11-Sep-2009
Relevant to: Delphi, Delphi Prism

This session shows how to build a WCF service with Delphi Prism and how it can be consumed by two client applications built with Delphi Prism and Win32. The Win32 client has been built with the VCL for the Web and integrates with Silverlight.

Data-driven Silverlight

Jim McKeeth – RemObjects Software
CodeRage 5, 07-Oct-2010

This session discusses using Silverlight as a front end for database applications and covers data binding with Silverlight and Delphi Prism.

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