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PARTNER SOLUTION: The Technology of the QuantumGrid

Richard Morris – DevExpress
CodeRage 4, 08-Sep-2009
Relevant to: Delphi, Delphi Prism

A look at how the DevExpress QuantumGrid is able to present radically different views, and how you can do the same thing in your own components to expose different UI behaviors at design-time through the property inspector, and in your applications at runtime.

Fun Things to Create Using Azure and Delphi

Michael Rozlog – Embarcadero
CodeRage 5, 05-Oct-2010

Is cloud the next big thing?, Mike describes the current state of the "cloud" and some of the advantages to this approach. During this session, learn what the cloud is and how to take advantage of it with RAD Studio XE, including some great demonstrations of the new components.

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