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wrote on 16-Jul-2012:

Just a simple series of questions:
1) Will there be an Update 5 for Delphi XE2 ??
2) Will that update include a fix for the missing Auto-Increment Version Number problem
(QC-100940) ??
quinn wildman replied on 16-Jul-2012:

Jim Fleming wrote:

Nothing has been publicly announced. When this is the case, the best way
  to get an accurate answer is to get out your time machine ...
Ken White replied on 16-Jul-2012:


My crystal ball is unclear on this matter, and my time machine is in the shop for maintenance. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

See my answer to #1.
See my answer to #2.
  Perhaps your local fortune teller can help here. :-)
  You are aware, I hope, that these are *peer support forums*, and that people who answer here are typically just other Delphi users and have no information that hasn't been publicly announced by Embarcadero?
Brett Wilton replied on 16-Jul-2012:

Yes it is mainly Delphi users that respond but Embarcadero employees do read these forums.
    To me its one aspect the Embarcadero is losing out on, if they participated more in the forums you start garnering a community. A product in the end will only improve and exist if there is an active community of users using it.
    One key thing is for the community to get information and feedback.
    Being left in the dark on many aspects makes it impossible for businesses to plan for the future.
    If you have no details you start to look at other products and active communities where you can indeed plan for the future.
Jeff Overcash replied on 16-Jul-2012:

Jim Fleming wrote:

This one is not going to change. It follows the MSBuild/VS Studio way fg
  generating build numbers where the date time is what generates the number.
  Allen Bauer commented on this already publicly as to why. The Dev team has
  already come on these forums to discuss and explain why the change was made.
Jeff Overcash replied on 16-Jul-2012:

Brett Wilton wrote:

Less than 2% of their customer base use these forums, at its peak it was only
  5%. There are much better ways of getting feedback than these forums that reach
  a wider audience of theirs.
Brett Wilton replied on 16-Jul-2012:


Can you elaborate on what other methods are used ?
Brett Wilton replied on 16-Jul-2012:


Jeff can you give the articles and / or threads for this, I'd be interested in reading them. I would use the search but have struggled to use that successfully in the past.
Jeff Overcash replied on 16-Jul-2012:

Brett Wilton wrote:

Dev Rel is constantly going around the world talking to groups and people
  getting feedback as well as attending conventions and stuff. Sales reps are
  getting feed back from larger customers. These forums are not a typical
  representation of the average Embarcadero customer. It never has been even all
David Taylo replied on 16-Jul-2012:

On 17/07/2012 06:12, Jeff Overcash wrote:

... nevertheless, I think it would benefit Embarcadero greatly were they
    to have an active presence here. I was sad to see that the most helpful
    person who used to be here (likely in his own time) was lost from the
    Embarcadero team.
Jim Fleming replied on 17-Jul-2012:

    I'm not questioning the usefulness of the facility now implemented, in situations and setups used by
    What I'm trying to find out is if there is any chance that the old option will be returned, as
    another option, alongside the current option, and when that return could happen, before or after
Ken White replied on 19-Jul-2012:


Only if they charged you specifically for the previous functionality. There's no guarantee anywhere that the product won't change over time, or that each version will remain 100% compatible with the prior version. (If that were the case, the addition of the 32-bit compiler and dropping of the 16-bit one would have been an issue in Delphi 2's release a decade ago, for instance, or the switch to using MSBuild in the IDE and for command-line compilation instead of relying on .cfg and other files.)

You can do this pretty easily with your own utility app and a pre-build event for your project.
  Your utility would need to look in the project's folder (which can be passed on the command line using $() macros in the pre-build event) for a version resource script (for instance, 'ProjVersion.rc'). The text file contains a text VERSIONINFO resource - here's a sample:
Jim Fleming replied on 20-Jul-2012:

    Thanks for explaining that technique for creating project information through a resource file.
    That lead me to look in the dproj file, where, yes, the project version number appears, twice, and
    could be found by searching for the string ";FileVersion=", which doesn't appear anywhere else in
    that file.
Jim Fleming replied on 20-Jul-2012:

Just did a quick test manually editing the dproj file before the build, and it works, but requests
    reloading the dproj as it has been modified. Maybe not a bad "solution" ???
    Will try your suggestion later and see if I can get it to work,
Jim Fleming replied on 21-Jul-2012:

    I'm about to try your suggested solution in a test program, and have some questions about the
    resource script you gave:
    1) What is the meaning of the lines:
    BLOCK "StringFileInfo"
Jim Fleming replied on 21-Jul-2012:

    Thanks to you, I got it to work.
    Just in case anyone else wants to implement this solution, Below you will find the necessary steps
    and auxiliary program.
    Jim Fleming
Ken White replied on 23-Jul-2012:


EDIT: I see you've figured things out. I'll have to remember to check before posting replies. :-) Glad you got it sorted out, and nice of you to post code for others who want to use the same solution.
  --Jim, I don't know, to be honest. I don't know what the latest point is that the IDE would look for changes it didn't make in the .dproj file and reload it, and whether that point would be before the pre-build event or not. I also don't know if it would do so without the "File whatever 's date/time stamp on disk has been modified. Reload?" (or whatever the wording is) prompt.--
  --I do know, however, that changing the version resource would work in a pre-build event, because that event is called before the dependency check is made to determine which files have changed and which haven't in a normal compile cycle. The .dproj isn't one of the files that ends up in your application, so I don't know when it's modifications are checked.--
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Jim Fleming replied on 23-Jul-2012:

    Thanks for your help and pointers.
    The solution you gave works a treat, so now there will be less danger of using the incorrect version
    of the application. In the recent past, I have had that problem several times, with quite serious
    consequences, so the auto-increment is really a necessity.
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