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wrote on 03-Sep-2010:

I am in the same boat. I am looking at a D5 app for a client migrating to D2010. There seem to be 2 problems. One is opening a TIBDataset returning no rows with a blob field and the one you describe below is the other.
AFAICS it doesn't know how to interpret the data, so you need to give the DB a connection a character set.
For your answer see:
Or double click the Database Component and select a Character Set, e.g. UTF8. Now Unicode is still a bit of a mystery to me, so which Character Set to use when your DB isn't set to have one, I don't know.
Jeff Overcash replied on 03-Sep-2010:

jason chapman wrote:

Fixed in XE.

Choose anything (UTF-8 is just fine) All string data comes in that way when
  setting the lc_ctype. There was a change in TWdieMemoField I didn't catch in
  D2010 so code that worked to continue just leaving it straight ANSI in D2009 was
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