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Silverlight with Delphi Prism

Jim McKeeth – WideOrbit
CodeRage 4, 08-Sep-2009
Relevant to: Delphi Prism

Jump into Silverlight development with Delphi Prism. After getting started with Silverlight this session also looks at Moonlight (Silverlight for Linux and the Mac) and some of the things coming in Silverlight 3. Is Silverlight the future of WPF? Will all our applications be vector-based?

LiveBindings: Expressions and Side Effects

Cary Jensen – Jensen Data Systems, Inc.
CodeRage 7, 07-Nov-2012
Relevant to: Delphi, RAD Studio

´╗┐At the core of LiveBindings, first introduced in Delphi XE2, is an expression engine designed to evaluate string expressions dynamically at runtime. This presentation looks at some of the internals of LiveBindings, and shows how the expression engine can be used to implement powerful side effects.

An Introduction to Model-View-View Model (MVVM) in C++Builder

Malcolm Groves – Embarcadero
CodeRage 7, 12-Dec-2012
Relevant to: C++Builder, RAD Studio

With the addition of cross-platform support to C++Builder, and the coming Mobile Studio product, there is an increasing need to have device-specific user interfaces. At the same time, you want to minimize the amount of code you have to rewrite for each platform. This session looks at Model-View-View Model, one technique that leverages LiveBindings to not only minimize the effort required to slide different UIs in front of your code, but also increases the maintainability and testability of your application as a bonus.

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