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Color Scheme

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  • Two separate color schemes were introduced on 25-July-2012, thanks in great part to colorschemedesigner.com. One color scheme is suited for people with normal vision and the other is for people with deuteranomoly. Approximately 5% of men have this form of color blindness, and 1% of women do as well.

About the Newsgroup Database

  • Total News Servers: 63 (see list of active newsgroup servers)
  • Total Newsgroups: 2,103
  • Threads: 1,793,422
  • Authors: 466,638
  • Articles: 8,018,319
  • First Article: 08-May-1997
  • Last Article: 16-Dec-2019
  • Article Database Size: more than 16GB
  • Rubicon Index Size: 12,025,726 words indexed
  • Data imported prior to 10-Dec-2011 was imported in Ansi. Now data is processed using UTF-8. Over time, we hope to re-import some old articles.

About the Training Database

  • The Code Rage Training Presentation Archive database is hosted in Firebird 2.5.x on the same 64-bit machine that runs this web application. It is only 1.2gb in size.

Database Servers

  • Article database: Firebird SQL 2.5.5 on CentOS v7, 64-bit. As of 2-Jun-2014, the Firebird SQL pagesize is 8192 per excellent advice from IBAnalyst.
  • Keyword index: NexusDB v4.0 64-bit
  • Charset: UTF8. Try searching for ΠΉΔΗΣΕ or русски to be convinced that we are indexing more than just English here.

Software on Web Server

  • codenewsfast.com
  • OS: Microsoft Win2012 Server, 64-bit
  • HTTP Server: Microsoft IIS 7
  • FREE HTTPS Certificate: LetsEncrypt.org
  • Configuration: XML via ZaphodsMap
  • Web Application v1.0.0.0 [2936]
  • Newsgroup article downloader written by Tamarack Associates, updated by HREF Tools for Unicode support, with a custom NNTP (client) component.
  • Article importer written by Tamarack Associates; updated by HREF Tools
    • Embarcadero Delphi 10.3.3, 64-bit
    • Rubicon v4.059
    • IBObjects v5.x
  • Indexing subsystem
    • Rubicon v4.059
    • NexusDB v4.0 compiled with Delphi 10.3.3 win64


  • Web Server: 2x Intel Xeon; 8 gb RAM of which 1 is used for a RAM drive
  • Primary Database Server: Dell 1950, 2x Intel Xeon 2GHz 2 cores; 4Gb RAM; RAID
  • Bandwidth: T1 (5000 Kbps as of 25-Feb-2012)

NNTP Client

  • Many long-term Borland/CodeGear/Embarcadero developers use XanaNews to download and read newsgroups. XanaNews was written in Delphi and full source is available.
  • For a complete list of Network News Transfer Protocol clients, see wikipedia on Usenet_clients

Artistic Design

Database Design / Tools

About You

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