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Help with Searching Newsgroup Articles

Search For

Enter the word or words to search for. You may also enter a search expression that uses the keywords AND, OR, NOT, and NEAR. Phrases may be entered by enclosing the phrase in single or double quotes. Wildcards ('*' for multi character matches, '?' for single character matches) are supported in all operations.

Record Limit

Search results are limited to N records.

by-Article versus by-Subject

"Conversation Subject" means the Subject or Topic of the conversation. This mode summarizes NNTP postings for a single subject.

You have the option of selecting between showing individual articles that match the search criteria or the conversations that contain articles matching the search criteria.

Sort by Rank versus Date

Ranking is based on the number of times your search keywords are found in the given article. This can make it easier to find the most relevant article on a subject. Sorting by date shows the newest articles first.

Standard Search Examples

You Search For: Matching Records Contain:
database 'database'
referential integrity 'referential' and 'integrity'
referential and integrity 'referential' and 'integrity'
referential near integrity 'referential' within 8 words of 'integrity'
"referential integrity" finds the phrase 'referential integrity'
table and (lookup or link) 'table' and either 'lookup' or 'link'
data* words beginning with 'data'
data???? words such as 'database', 'datalink'

Including/Excluding Newsgroups

To search for words in the name of the newsgroup, precede the word with a caret.
You Search For: Matching Records Contain:
isapi ^internet 'isapi' and newsgroup containing 'internet'
(e.g. embarcadero.public.cppbuilder.internet.socket)
isapi ^delphi ^install 'isapi' and newsgroup containing 'delphi' and 'internet'
(e.g. embarcadero.public.delphi.install)
ttable and not ^cppbuilder 'ttable' and newsgroup not containing 'cppbuilder'
font ^delphi.ide 'font' and newsgroup containing 'delphi' and 'ide'
(e.g. embarcadero.public.delphi.ide)

* Includes Embarcadero third party newsgroups

Common Expression Mistakes

Mistake Solution
(windows or driver) near video windows near video or driver near video
like (problem or corruption) like problem or like corruption
like 'delphi' like delphi
like "codegrear delphi" none
windows or driver not video windows or driver and not video
"windows driver" ^delphi "windows driver" and ^delphi
regex and email address regex email address

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