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Re: Exceptions vs Error codes

Re: Exceptions vs Error codes

"Pete d'Oronzio" <‚úČ> wrote in message
> I hadn't considered that fact that I'll be at the whim of those writing my
> libraries, but I suppose I could write wrappers if I decide to standardize
> one way or the other.  I've done that in most cases for portability anyway.

Sure, but you really want to wrap the entire VCL? ouch.
Look at the way error handling is done there. There's not much
Particularly, if you're using WinAPI you'll be used to error codes.

> <snip> I don't think it's possible to decide to do
> it halfway and have maintainable code.  Seems like it must be one way or the
> other.

Quite certainly.

> I've tried to go back to June's newsgroup listings.  Can't get back that
> far.  I'll find an archive and see if I can find "Exceptions should be
> banned".

I was able to retrieve most of it at Google:
Specifically, this does the trick regarding that specific discussion: pascal&as_usubject=Exceptions%20should%20be%20banned%3F
It's an interesting read FWIW.
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