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Re: Exceptions vs Error codes

Re: Exceptions vs Error codes

aarg.  Caught.

I own a company that produces a program for analysis of automobile crash records. It is used by traffic enginners to make cities safer to drive in. The program is called Intersection Magic and it is written in BP7.
When Borland bagged OWL and started with VCL I had too much to do supporting and updating the program to spend the time to learn a new OO library. (and do a port) So, there I've sat, watching all of you have the fun of using new, modern tools and debuggers, while I sit and make 16-bit code look like 32-bit. Then I tried a port to Java... Bad move. After two years of pounding chips and salsa for hours, I gave up.
Well, a month ago, I decided to just get the thing done with. I bought D6 Enterprise and got to work. I'm hoping to finish by the end of the summer, but we'll see.
Now that D6 is my development environment, I've written a few Cold Fusion tags for my web site in D6, but of course you can't see those from the outside.
So, no, not much of my site is Delphi right now. Come back in a couple of months and you should see my entire windows application ported to be a web-browser application. (server side) Meanwhile, I'm sure you'll see a gazillion posts from me as I continue to blaze into Delphi from BP7. (humbling at first, but now I'm almost proficient)
Thanks for asking though...
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> Ps. I had a look at your website, how come there's no Delphi in it?
> is Delphi just your hobby?
> Kristofer
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