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Re: Exceptions vs Error codes

Re: Exceptions vs Error codes

"Raoul De Kezel" <✉> wrote in message
> It is somewhat common these days to read that exceptions should
> be used to report errors and only errors. This statement goes
> against every theory of exceptions. It is also usually void of
> any content because the precise meaning of "error" is unspecified.

He he, finally.
If we could only agree on some terminology, like the " Fault / Error /
Failure " definitions in the "Error handling for Business Information
Systems"  you referenced above, for example (very well written material,
by the way!). Basically, my conclusion is that you *can* use exceptions
to do nearly anything if you just specify your functions accordingly.
Whether you *want* to use exceptions in this way is another matter. It's
up to the designer / programmer (insofar as they are different).

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