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Re: Exceptions vs Error codes

Re: Exceptions vs Error codes

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> I thought try-finally had no effect on performance, it's when an exception
> is raised that performance is affected.

the try-except blocks are much more of a problem for performance,
but what I was now envisioning was a sequence like this:

try   {1}   try     {2}     try       {3}       try          {4}       finally           <rollback 4>       end; {4}     finally        <rollback 3>     end; {3}   finally      <rollback 2>   end; {2} finally   <rollback 1> end; {1}
I'm pretty sure any tight processing you want to do around the core part {4} is going to take a hit from all the extra try-finally infrastructure. Especially if you now extend this to one try/finally pair per state parameter you need to roll back, and there may be 10 or more of those...
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