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Re: Exceptions vs Error codes

Re: Exceptions vs Error codes

"Barry Kelly" <‚úČ> wrote in message
> My point is that exceptions are unified; they all descend from
> Exception, they have a standardized handling mechanism.
> I was just trying to use some literary devices to illustrate their
> varying pedigrees, and their inherent disunity.
> No offence intended.


> > Not sure where you have the 'globals' from.
> Thread-local global variables; IOResult, GetLastError, while functions,
> are effectively read-only global variables; consider also SetLastError.

<argh> actually I rarely use any of those, I always try to get the error
code directly from a call if at all possible.
However there are situations where you depend on the above.
I think those situations will still be there if you use exceptions, the
only difference is that
after you've read the error code you raise an exception of your own.

> You still haven't answered the question.

I'll try again, in relation to your previous post. (see above)

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