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Re: Exceptions vs Error codes

Re: Exceptions vs Error codes

Hi Barry,

I agree with your bottom line. A quick summary footnote from my side:
- Firstly I was trying to describe the special fault tolerance requirements typically faced by my applications.
- Secondly I postulated that exceptions make it more difficult to guarantee this sort of fail safety. This is the core issue, which we still do not agree on. I must say though, that on my next major development project (starting this fall) I will take what I've learnt from you very much into account in strengthening my error handling system.
I *do* accept that most Delphi/Windows applications are typically not subject to such rigorous fault tolerance requirements, and that therefore my error handling strategy is more "paranoid" than most. I also accept that this will mean "struggling against the tide" in many cases, whether I "embrace" exceptions or not.
Finally I wish to say, that when applied in a purist way, both approaches are IMO sufficient to create perfectly safe and robust code. In the real world, however, different programming styles meet each other and have to coexist within one software program. That is where the ugliness, and more importantly: technical risk, comes into play, when one programmer raises an argument of style against another (not in words, but in program code).
I've enjoyed this little revival of our debate. Later on I may return to this topic, but not without new insights.
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