ANN: Beyond Compare 4.0 beta available on Windows, Linux, and OS X

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wrote on 24-Dec-2013:

Beyond Compare 4.0 beta is now available for testing on Windows, Linux, and OS X.
This version adds a number of new features:
- OS X support
- An improved user interface
Lachlan Gemmell replied on 24-Dec-2013:


A new major release of Beyond Compare. I'm genuinely excited.
  I know you use VCL for the Windows version and CLX for the Linux version so to support OSX you were always going to have to write a new GUI at the very least. What platform/framework did you end up going with?
  Embarcadero MVP
Kevin Powick replied on 24-Dec-2013:

On 2013-12-24 00:48:48 -0500, Lachlan Gemmell <> said:

FPC/Lazarus was used. Craig P. mentioned this in his post to the
    Delphi G+ group.
Craig Peterson replied on 24-Dec-2013:

On 12/23/2013 11:48 PM, Lachlan Gemmell wrote:

As Kevin mentioned, we used Free Pascal 2.6 and Lazarus 1.2 with the
    Carbon backend. We expanded our existing VCL/CLX compatibility layer,
    so it's still all a single source and a single set of DFMs, with design
    work and core development all done in Delphi XE.
Jeremy North replied on 08-Jan-2014:

Craig Peterson wrote:

Hi Craig,
  Looks nice and running under OS X it looks the goods as well. You
  should consider making the compatibility layer available (ie. sell it)
  for others because this makes FireMonkey look embarassing. Very nice
Craig Peterson replied on 10-Jan-2014:

Hi Jeremy,
    On 1/8/2014 7:55 AM, Jeremy North wrote:

Thanks! We've spent a lot of time polishing it. The first picture of
    BC on OS X was posted to Facebook in October 2011, and I believe that at
    the time all of the viewers were usable.
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