Paul Gustavson
Re: 1st scratch on Open Letter

Re: 1st scratch on Open Letter

Paul Gustavson wrote:
> The desire was to show page full of clients just simply listed.  I
> encourage separate attachments to expand on the criticality for those
> clients.

I've got a few goodies for you on this account.

Our customers are the major players in the European space industry, including the European Space Agency, Astrium, Alenia Spazio, Alcatel, SAAB Space. In the U.S. we have also delivered systems for NASA/JPL, Lockheed Martin, etc.
You want mission critical? Consider the infrastructure for the Rosetta comet chaser, that will need to stay operational until 2014-2015. Consider a telemetry/image processor for the Japanese ALOS satellite, being first POC in the processing chain for all ground stations in the African/European zone. Consider a Power Front-End system that, if subject to anomaly, could cripple or destroy a $1 Billion satellite hardware construction project?
Yep, we make these things... using BCB for all the "on-the-bare-iron" programming tasks.
> Also, we need to begin to generate a list of stakeholders
> (developers, clients, etc...) idicating signature of this letter.

How do you intend to do that? Do we just send e-mails?
I'll make sure my colleagues chip in on this (all 4 are BCB users)
once the procedure is clear.

-- Kristofer
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